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Running a business is tough these days. It’s exciting when an idea takes root, daunting when you first implement it, exhausting getting it up and running and all consuming as you watch it grow and thrive.


The responsibilities are huge, the pressure to keep up with trends, forecasts, finances and sales are what drives you forward. You surround yourself with people to identify your market, ease the burden of admin, delegate the individual aspects of the business and service your client base and at some point through those productive years, you may just address your brand.

Are you projecting the right image? Is your branding synonymous with your values, does it place you as experts in your field, equal to, if not better than your competitors?

Some company owners aren’t even sure that branding has any bearing. Let me tell you, it absolutely does! So while you might be tearing your hair out about ‘the other B word’, you may want to ask yourself, is it time to take an audit on your branding?. 


Let’s get together and take a look at your brand image and marketing materials. I can offer you advice and guidance and you can ask any questions that you may have. You can then consider if you need any help with business projects or branding updates. These ‘one to one’ consultation slots are available by appointment and can be conducted over Skype or in person.

Should you decide to go ahead with a business project, then I will supply you a written quotation and what’s more, you’ll get the cost of the consultation refunded from the final invoice.


Contact me for more details.

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