• Mary McCarthy

Setting the mood

WHY DO I NEED A MOOD BOARD? Not all designers will suggest one but I love creating them and feel they are critical in the initial stages of designing a logo or branding. Maybe you remember making a scrapbook of bits and pieces when you were younger...it's a fun exercise even as adults, you know! The mood board is a selection of ideas and sources of inspiration for your branding. It allows me to formulate my thoughts and get approval on a concept ahead of time so I can be confident that we are both thinking along the same lines in terms of colours and styles, before too much work is done. A visual representation is much easier to interpret than verbal descriptions which can be misunderstood and ensures that both parties are ‘on the same page’, so to speak. Some elements on the mood board may never actually make it into the finished design but they do evoke the aesthetic or qualities of the brand and are a useful jump point before I start work on your designs. #moodboard #branding #yoga #healthandwellness


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